Wondering about the hype around the Nikon D800E

If you are wondering about all the hype surrounding the Nikon D800E well meet Monty. His pic (suggest you view it full size)  is the perfect example of why this camera and its lack of AA filter has caught the attention of many photographers who need a medium format alternative. This was shot with a D800E and a Nikon 50mm f/1.8

Please note the word “Alternative” above.

The D800 and D800E are not a medium format replacement but rather its an alternative to many of the entry-level medium format cameras on the market.

In the case of the 800E the removal of the AA (Anti Aliasing filter) has brought it closer to the IQ of medium format as medium format cameras traditionally don’t have AA filters. A huge plus in the D800/E’s favour is its large dynamic range and Ability to shoot at very high ISO.

So the big question is do you go for the D800 or the D800E?

Well many assume that the D800E is better, but better than what?

The D800 is as sharp as any SLR on the market it’s just that the D800E is even sharper, but, it comes with a set of issues that many photographer are not equipped to deal with.

Two of the most noticeable of these issues are a far higher probability of moire and more pronounced colour fringing. In my opinion if you don’t know exactly why you need the D800E the it’s probably not the right camera for you and the D800 would be a better option.




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