An extension of panoramic photography that goes hand in hand with 360° imagery is virtual tours and it’s an area that I am no stranger to. You won’t see my work on your run of the mill website as I choose to rather work for clients who want a custom package that allows them to stand out from the norm. A recent job has been to provide Virtual tours to My Water Club who specialise in sales and rentals of properties in CApe Town’s prestigious Water Club.



This was a particularly challenging project as the entire interface was built from scratch to the clients specifications.

An interesting challenge that needed to be solved was having the floorplan and links windows shift up to facilitate tablets and smaller screens. Fortunately years of VR experience means that one can usually find a way to solve these.

Another big challenge was a compromise between a clean interface and providing enough information to first time VR viewers and the decision was taken to display instructions by default although I am currently working on a way that it will remember the user’s setting for the site via Cookies.

The gallery and brochure links will not work in this version as it is hosted on my server and it is configured to look for these in its home directory.

Click on the picture above to launch the tour.