Lions Head Panorama

I always say that you never leave till there is no light left and this once again proved me right. It looked like the clouds were going to block the sunset but about 12 minutes after the sun had set there was a hint of colour so I started shooting and suddenly there was colour for about 5 minutes, just long enough to capture it .

The image is getting a lot of likes and shares so I am going to offer the first ten 1m unframed paper prints for a reduced price of R650.00 each not including delivery.

There after costing will be:

  • 1m unframed matt white paper R1000.00 each
  • 1.5m unframed matt white paper R1500.00 each
  • 1m unframed Fine Art paper R1500.00 each
  • 1.5m unframed Fine Art paper R2000.00 each
  • 1m Stretched canvas R1800.00 each
  • 1.5m Stretched canvas R2500.00 each

Price on larger sizes available on request. Image can easily print over 8m. Email to order or for more info.

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