Don’t you hate it when people try screw you?

Being a small business in South Africa is not always easy and it becomes a lot harder when a company that you have done work for tries to screw you out of money that you have rightfully earned.

Something like this can sink a small company and if you survive it, your only recourse is a law suite which in most cases they hope you won’t be able to afford and that you will just drop the matter and let them off the hook.

Sometimes this is the best route, to cut your losses and run but other times they do something that forces you take a moral stand which is what I am now going to do.

I am going to ride out the legal route but I am going to ask for your help by doing something I have never done before and that is offer my panoramic prints at an insanely low price.

This offer will apply to all my panoramic prints, including but with the exception of the LTD Edition prints and will apply to the first 80 prints sold. The prints will be printed on a Matt White fade resistant media, will be hand signed and available in two options:

1m prints – R550.00 (normally sell for up to R2000)

50cm prints R275 (normally not available)

Price excludes postage, framing and shipping. Height may vary across different images. Postage within S.A. counter to counter +/-4 days R31.55, Overnight counter to counter R71.39 and over night to door R103.67.

The first 40 people who take advantage of my panoramic special will also get 2 free 1m panoramic litho prints worth R130 each (randomly selected by me).

So by helping me take a moral stand, you will be getting one of my prints at and insanely low prince and you will get the satisfaction of knowing that one company out there didn’t get away with screwing the small guy.

If you would like to purchase, please email me on






  1. Dave from Cape Town May 24, 2011 at 1:55 pm #

    ” including but with the exception of”?


    Nice pics – would love to know more about the story behind the offer though…

  2. admin May 24, 2011 at 2:07 pm #

    Not allowed to out them publicly 🙁

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