Monthly Archives: March 2014

Wall Paper Image

It seems lots of people are asking if they can use my latest panoramic image as a wall paper and while in the past I have been hesitant to do this, I have decided to give it a try. If you click on the image it will load the higher res version which you may you use as follows:

  • This image is copyright and this wallpaper image does not constitute a waiver of my rights or a license to use the image for any purpose other than defined below.
  • You may save the image and use it as your Facebook profile pic or as your computer Desktop image
  • You may not share this image but may share the link to this post.
  • This image may not be posted or hosted for download on any website or area of the internet without  my written permission.
  • Under no circumstances may my watermark be removed.
  • This image may not be sold, licensed or reproduced in any form.


Click on image for full size image and then right click to save. Ensure your background is set to “Fit” not “Fill”

This is a cropped version for those who would rather fill the whole screen


Once again click on image for full size image and then right click to save.