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Introducing Colorbrate

 Colour management is something that many photographers and even some people in the advertising industry really just don’t understand. If you are in an isolated environment looking at your own images on a single screen there is really no problem however as soon as you look at anyone else’s images, use more than one screen, publish your images on the web or send them out for print you have a problem.

We need colour management to ensure that images, especially those with Pantone colours remain visually consistent as they move from environment to environment and from medium to medium.

Without good colour management Colour it a little like playing Russian roulette.

What is Colorbrate

Colorbrate is a program that I am launching in SA to recognise photographers who have taken steps to educate themselves about colour management and how it needs to be part of each and every photographers workflow. The photographers who have taken this step have done so to the benefit of themselves and their clients and I feel the deserve to be recognised and differentiated from those who take no regard for the quality of colour they produce.

The Colorbrate logo will not be a certification of that photographers colour or a guarantee that a particular photographer is 100% colour accurate but rather an indication that they have taken steps to ensure they under stand the issues and challenges, how these issues can be resolved and that they have the equipment required to implement their own internal colour management.

Requirements to join the program

As many will know, I am an X-Rite Coloratti and I was a big fan of the X-Rite systems long before becoming one. I have used a number of the systems on the market and giving my extensive colour background, I personally feel the most comfortable with those from X-Rite. Having said that, the Colorbrate program is not in any way endorsed by X-rite and I do feel that photographers with other entry to mid end colour management solutions or have taken the time to educate themselves should also be  recognised so the program will have three tiers.

Those who meet the requirements and have mid to High end X-Rite solutions will be eligible to put the Colour Managed banner on their website. Those who have the lower end products or third-party products and meet the requirements will be eligible to put the Colour Wise banner on their websites.

So the minimum requirements for all tiers are:

  • Attend a colour talk I will be presenting.
    • This is being made a requirement because buying colour management equipment and not understanding what’s going on under the hood is a lot like buying the worlds most expensive camera and leaving it permanently on auto because you don’t understand how to use it.
  • Own or purchase the following products to be eligible for the Colour managed tier.
    • ColorMunki display, Photo, Design
    • Any i1 product from display Pro upwards
  • Own or purchase any other colour management.
    • In this tear the decision to allow the use of the logo will depend on the equipment that each individual photographer has.

The program will be rolling out in the next few weeks and a series of workshops will be run country-wide to support it.

Lions Head Panorama

I always say that you never leave till there is no light left and this once again proved me right. It looked like the clouds were going to block the sunset but about 12 minutes after the sun had set there was a hint of colour so I started shooting and suddenly there was colour for about 5 minutes, just long enough to capture it .

The image is getting a lot of likes and shares so I am going to offer the first ten 1m unframed paper prints for a reduced price of R650.00 each not including delivery.

There after costing will be:

  • 1m unframed matt white paper R1000.00 each
  • 1.5m unframed matt white paper R1500.00 each
  • 1m unframed Fine Art paper R1500.00 each
  • 1.5m unframed Fine Art paper R2000.00 each
  • 1m Stretched canvas R1800.00 each
  • 1.5m Stretched canvas R2500.00 each

Price on larger sizes available on request. Image can easily print over 8m. Email to order or for more info.