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Announcing the first On-Set Shoot Experience

For this shoot we will be transforming a studio into the frozen land of the wolf to shoot the background for a Vodka poster. We will be using a real brand for this but this is not a shoot that has been commissioned by the client but is rather a concept shoot.

As if transforming a studio into a winter wonderland isn’t difficult enough, the background for this shoot has to be created in two stages, first in miniature which is then shot and printed as a large format background print. The building and shooting of the model will be done a ahead of time but we will cover all of the steps that were involved.

As an attendee you will be involved in assisting with all aspects of the shoot on the day and we will go over and examine each stage of the shoot as a group.

The day will be comprised of a morning and afternoon session.

Morning Session

First thing in the morning we will start off with a team briefing covering an overview of the shoot, the timing for the day and to discuss the styling and make-up. The shoot team will then sit down with the shoot brief and discuss the set and planning the lighting for shoot. From there is will be onto assembling and propping the set, laying the snow followed by setting up and fine tuning the lighting.

Once we are happy that everything is ready and the gear has all been checked and is working correctly, we will break for lunch (included).

Afternoon Session

After lunch we will kick off with the afternoon session which will comprise a final make-up and styling check after which the actual shooting will begin. Once again you will have input on this as a team but won’t actually be shooting. When we are happy we have the shots we need, we will move onto image selection and discuss the retouching options that will be used to take the image from a raw file to a final image.

The final session of the day will be to do full a review of the shoot.

What you need to know

To get the most out of this experience you will need a good knowledge of the basic fundamentals of lighting. Absolute newbies will not be eligible to attend because they will more than likely be out of their depth. You will not actually be shooting the models or products but will have plenty opportunity to shoot behind the scenes footage however once the shoot actually begins flashes will not be allowed. This will be real unscripted shoots so there will not be any notes however the entire shoot will be videoed and you will get a copy of the edited video once complete as well as an over view of any specific pre production that took place.

Date: This On-Set experience will be happening on Wednesday the 13th March 2013

Time: We will be kicking off at 8am sharp

Location: The venue will be at a studio in Woodstock, the location of which will be revealed to those who are confirmed as booked.

Cost: R1500.00 per person.

This will be limited to 10 attendees so Email to make sure your book your spot.

Applicants will be asked to fill in a form with full terms and conditions before being invoiced and bookings are made final.

Download On-Set Info Sheet