Monthly Archives: November 2012

An offer to buy a print and be part of my first Gigapan project

As many of you know I have recently upgraded from my trusty Nikon D700 to a new 36mp Nikon D800E camera. This means that once again I can achieve an exponential increase in the size and detail of my panoramic images moving easily into the realm of Gigapixel panoramas but there is a catch.

I currently have no problem shooting Gigapixel panoramic images but images with the detail and tonal range I produce require and obscene amount of processing power to put together and this is currently beyond what my existing computer equipment can handle.

To be able to stitch theses images I will need a machine with a core i7 processor, 16gb ram and a lot of drive space as well as USB 3 ports and machines like this aren’t cheap in fact there are very few laptops that can meet these specifications.

So to fund this venture, I am going to  run a once off special on 3 copies of my Lions head panoramic image (as shown above) and also let the purchasers be part of my first Gigapan project.

This image you will get will be printed 2.5m wide and normally sells for R7500.00 but I am offering 3 of these at the once off price of R5000.00 each. Additionally you will get a 1m fine art paper print, valued at R2500.00, of the next image produced with the new notebook at no cost and you will get the opportunity to tag along on the shoot if you desire and get to see what happens behind the scenes.

The prints will be printed on a high quality artist’s canvas using a long life museum quality ink jet. The print is then varnished with a special varnish and stretched on an obeche wood stretcher.

The print at 2.5 m is on display at Arnold’s on Kloof for those who may with to have a look at it.

The only conditions are that the offer are:

  • That it is limited to the next three prints sold
  • That a 50% deposit is required at the time of order and that the offer does not include shipping or deliver costs outside the Cape Town CBD area.
  • That there is no guaranteed date for the shooting and delivery of the paper print.

If this is something you would like to be part of, prints can be ordered by emailing me on the address on this site.