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Ambient Portraits

Another fancy buzzword?

Not really, just a new innovative take on portrait photography.

Traditionally portrait photography has taken the form of funky images shot in studio on clean white backgrounds or with mottled backgrounds but what about portraits take in those places you always wished you could visit?

Well I simply bring the location into the studio complete with the ambient lighting that makes it feel real.

A little lost, well let me show you.

Let’s take the above shot of a woman at a moonlit lake as an example.

I could go out and look for a lake with a perfectly oversized moon and shoot the woman on location like we did here, or did I?

How about I rather take the image of the lake, and turn it into an Ambilight background that I can setup in studio?

If you look at the above picture you will notice that the light is being projected through the background because of the blue colour it’s projecting onto the floor in front of it.

This is because the background is actually an ultrahigh resolution translucent print.

Now this is important!

Ambilight prints work because they project the background colour onto the object being photographed, much in the way that real life backgrounds do and this projection creates a far more natural and realistic look.


Our Unique offering and the process

At first glance you could be forgiven for assuming that this is going to cost a lot more than a normal portrait session and some aspects of it will but when you look at the final cost you will be quite surprised.

Shooting with Ambilights requires quit a lot of skill and equipment so the basic cost of the shoot is higher and there is the cost of the Ambilight itself but in the end I give you more out of it and don’t charge you for a lot of what you would normally be charged so it all balances out.

To begin with I will meet with you for a 30 minute consultation to get an idea of what you are looking for. After that I will source some images to use as the background. Once you have selected an image I will prepare a formal quotation based on the cost of producing the background and the complexity of the shoot.

A half day will be allocated for the shoot and a professional makeup artist will be present.

After the shoot, you will get:
• A DVD with 8 fully Retouched High resolution Images with no watermarks. The DVD will also contain all of the best raw images from the shoot in High Resolution
• 1 x A2 print, 2 x A3 prints and 2 x A4 prints

Basic shoots start at R4500.00  and all of  the images you are provided are full size so you are not locked into having to buy prints  from me and do not have to pay extra to get the images that you have actually paid for. Additional images can be retouched on request. If you investigate the actual costs of many of the offerings out there I am sure you will find that in the end, my price is actually quite comparable.

The above applies to non commercial shoots only…

For more info or an obligation free cost estimate, please email me.