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Some Outtakes from the Nomu Richard Hardiman Shoot

Now that the poster is up on The Nomu Website I though I would share some of the pics from the Nomu Richard Hardiman shoot that you wouldn’t normally get to see 😉

We were lucky to have the beautiful and very talented Kim Senogles with us and she is literally a scream to work with, even more so when she is voicing her opinion about Richard’s taste in music.

She does however have a delightful way of stealing all the attention for herself…

Which much to her dismay prompted Richard to up his game…

Then it was time to check twitter.

Followed by some actual tweeting.

We were finally ready but Richard wasn’t impressed with our choice of music. Fortunately Kim had an idea.

She tried to cheer him up with Numo Hot Chocolate.

The Nomu didn’t work but Kim wasn’t giving up so easily.

And yes we were in hysterics for most of the shoot….